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''Boats in the sea''

by Asia Djibirova

Original oil painting painted with palette knife on wooden surface..All my art works are stamped with my personal stamp.When buying a picture invoiced the buyer.The picture is a unique one of a kind.If you want to change the colors of work or want a picture painted for you just contact me to discuss your idea.I work with quality oil paints that retain the work fresh, and the top bringing ferniz to protect picture.Along with the invoice you will receive a certificate aftentichnost with your ...

Asia Djibirova

Asia Djibirova

Asia Djibirova was born in July 1980 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and is a third child in a family of workers. From a very young woman she likes painting. She started painting on the walls with a chalk she stole from school. Wherever she saw a board, she was painting ballerinas only ballerinas, thinking she wanted to become a ballerina like any little girl. their interest in the fine arts, but the parents did not pay attention to this. When she was 10 years old she went alone and enrolled in a drawing course for children. Her parents knew that Asya was at a school in the classroom, and she attended fine arts lessons just because she liked playing with lots of colors. Then she broke off.

Pumped up prices and uppity arrogance

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