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The line of a Butterfly Life

by Oksana Kostyletskaya

The Line of a Life.
The Life-Line.
The Line, or trace, of a Butterfly.
A Journey of a single point through The Space and The Time.
The idea came from the observation of the night butterfly that flew under the ceiling once in the summer night.
Life Line - a curve that traces the history of a night butterfly.
The Whole Life in the one picture.

Ships from Ukraine.

Oksana Kostyletskaya

Oksana Kostyletskaya

My way in the art is a manner to communicate with people. I do not want it to be a monnologue, therefore I do appeal to their curiosity and imagination through a mental connection between things and ideas. In my works I make ordinary things and objects appear unusual. Indead, you can see a tree bark like a powerful and fluid river, watermelon can have a shape of a square, and forest can be coloured in purle.

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