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Yellow Blanket

by Sarah Teasdale

Acrylic painting on wood panelI created this piece in 2014 when I started working on a series of geometric pattern-based abstract paintings. My inspiration for creating this piece comes from technology and also tribal blankets. This piece is richly textured with a touch of orange neon color that adds to its modern vibe.

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Sarah Teasdale

Sarah Teasdale

Sarah Teasdale was born in Vancouver, B.C. Sarah received her B.F.A. from the University of Washington.Sarah began exhibiting her work in 2001 when she received 1st place at the Jacob Lawrence Gallery 2001 juried exhibition with a painting entitled "Sea Dream." Sarah's subject matter has varied greatly and has included her dreams, the Victorian Era, Medieval Castles and more recently patterns and technology. Before this year her work was more on the representational side and she has enjoyed making the transition into creating abstract decorative work.Recently Sarah has completed a series of colorful geometric, pattern-based paintings. Each painting is multi-layered and is made with acrylic paint, mica pigments and spray paint. The overall aesthetic is a blend of digital, modern and ancient.

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