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Sylvia Plath and the sunsets she survived

by Saheli Khastagir

On Canvas sheetThose words you see crawling around her, are lines from her various different poems in a way that only a poet's words can ring around her, it's both the rope choking her with the strength of its honesty and its power over the poet who is helplessly in its grips, and the rope that pulls her through the storm that roars inside her. It's also the most beautiful and merciless ornament that she wears on herself.I've made the words circle 'round her in both normal and mirror writing....

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Saheli Khastagir

Saheli Khastagir

I am a self-taught artist based in New Delhi, India. I began exhibiting my works beginning of this year (2015) and have since then participated in small and big shows in Chicago, New Jersey, Paris, London, New Delhi and Mumbai.

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