by Niels Peter Flint

Unique art|19.7 x 19.7 in

These are artworks made on carpets - it actually is carpet tiles...they are inspired from a collection of carpet experiment I made in 2007 for the company Interface - see more here http://npflint.com/NPFLINT_CONSULTANCY/signatureworks_2007.html

The painting is dont on big surfaces and then spilt - it split seconds of energy - universal SPLASHES - I love to work with technique which to some is meaningless to others like me makes so much sense - I cant stop looking at my own creations - since they are really expressing my mental state in split seconds - sometimes it works - mostly it does not.... its a strange and fantastic proces.. and yes you can very well do it yourself as well.... my deepest dream doing this is to make everyone realize he or she is an artist - or at least that we are all creative beings - and we need to use that energy - all the time...everywhere and no matter what we do..


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Niels Peter Flint

Niels Peter Flint

I live and work in Denmark and France - my work is very characterized by my long and passionate engagement on how to become more SENSUSTAINABLE - I dont make art since life in itself is art as I see it - I express myself in various ways that makes sense to me and to various others who sense that what I do makes sense to them - MERDE MAGIC is one of my collections which you will be able to see more to here - also UNIVERSE-SPLASHES will be here and if you want to know more about what else I do please go to http://npflint.com/NPFLINT_CONSULTANCY/art_%26_installations.html

I [Art] You

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