Music Forever

by Natmir Lura

Natmir Lura

Natmir Lura

Natmir Lura, a painter who was born in Macedonia-Tetovo, in 1977. Natmir has been painting since he was old enough to hold a pencil in his hand and his passion on art was crowned with a degree on the Academy of Arts in the University of Tetovo, in 1999. After many exhibitions across the Balkans, he moved to Copenhagen in 2006, where he continued his work, which was presented many times to the art lovers around him.Natmir, performs in figurative painting and he doesn't stick to a particular style, not in any category. The heart is the source of his work, which gives him an indescribable joy, a kind of spiritual calmness. Faces and expressions inspire him in a particular way. This also has been applied to his Pop - And Street Art paintings. A unique story is behind each of his paintings. Desire, passion, expression and hope, that's what comes out of his art!

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