Energy of Pain

by Gabriela Fussa

Unique art|24.4 x 18.5 in

P- Pay
A- Attention
I- Integrate
N- Now.

What is the purpose and function of pain? It calls the attention of our conscious presence. The presence of our Consciousness transforms Suffering into Awakening. We need to let the pain show us what need to be shown and known.It is crucial aspect of healing.Each time we feel pain, we must search for the cause.By looking for the cause we have to face the fears that are inherent within our body...and our being. We have to face what we are trying to avoid


Other people want this.  people have recently looked at it.
Gabriela Fussa

Gabriela Fussa

I am a mixed media artist from Chisinau. When it comes to my craft, I have a simple vision: remove my paintings from the widely spread preconceptions around this art and frame them back within their initial context of state, location, and human factor, which is what originally inspired them.
To me, painting provides a way to express moments that are impossible to capture with a camera or a set of words.It’s a complex moment made up of many details I don’t want to forget. We all know how the world around us looks like. However, I try to understand how it feels.
Painting is a way to communicate with color. We see in color, so it’s something almost everyone can perceive. But often we concentrate too much on how things appear at first glance without taking a deep look. I don’t believe seeing in color is accidental. This is a clear sign there are hidden treasures in nature, waiting to be discovered by eyes that know how to observe and feel.

Love it. Hate it.

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