End of the world 2

by Alina Giurgiu

Unique art|23.6 x 17.7 in

Lucid Night Dreams
“END OF THE WORLD”… I’m on a zebra crossing, and heading for the park. Clear sky, the sun about to set. A pack of Pit bulls to my left, heading my way in a cloud of smoke. So I’m in the dark, confuse, sensing a carnival close, chaotic masks. I’m running to Mom to meet my family and the sky is clear again in my kitchen balcony window. Starlets line up and I expect the end of the world to come when they’re in a circle...

My crayons on white or crème paper, in-between A4 si 50/70 cm( two distinct artworks for each theme), interpret my lucid night dreams for some dusine of years back. We’re talking about Figurative Surrealism. In terms of style they’re illustrative, though, the background being realistic and the dynamics belonging with our linear time. However, the subjects are oversized and the backgrounds insolite, deeply charged emotionally, all in all a voice and a message emerging: mine.
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