Experiment (no. 40)

by Leanne Marie Kolpin

Unique art|9.4 x 11.8 in

This is an experimental piece used for testing color and layout for larger works as well as warm up before working on a larger piece. These works are sold to provide unique original art at an affordable price.

The black in this painting is completely matte making it not reflect light. This makes an interesting effect when looking at the piece at different angles.

View example of how this paint works here: https://goo.gl/Mb2jhS

This is a collaborative piece between the artists Leanne Marie Kolpin (American) and Nicki Thomas Hansen (Danish). Acrylic on canvas 24X30 cm.

Color: Gray, black, & blue

Signed by artists: Leanne Marie Kolpin & Nicki Thomas Hansen


Delivery to United States: $12.13
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Leanne Marie Kolpin

Leanne Marie Kolpin

Leanne is an American artist based in Aarhus, Denmark. She makes abstract paintings that often play with fields of color. They started as an exploration of her synesthesia and as they grew more complex, she pulled inspiration from glass and metal (mediums she previously worked with) as well as post-war abstract expressionism.

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