by Slavomir Zombek

Unique art|8.3 x 9.8 in

"Man and woman - I can't imagine the meaningfulness of being without satisfying mutual coexistence, polarity and duality of man and woman. Artworks and series as Man and Woman - together and forever, Man & Woman and a Piece of Life, The House for Man and Woman, Code of Venus... are basically records of happy but also painful experience in finding and achieving the fullness of being. Minimalistic-geometric language allows me to fully record the essence of reciprocity, blending and completion of two beings unwillingly condemned to be "together and forever".

Original - office staples and women's hair on the paper, unframed. Artwork is part of the serie.


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Slavomir Zombek

Slavomir Zombek


Zombek was born on April 10th 1965 in Levoca, where he lives and works on art, design and architecture. His artwork appears in numerous private collections across Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Great Britain, Greece, USA, Hong Kong SAR and Puerto Rico.

"My identity is a little space, minimum means of expression and maximum effect. Visuality, as I understand it and create it, is not just the description of reality, but the feelings that are mediated by this reality."

...in his geometric abstraction, the rhythm is conveyed through interrelation of the empty space and the repetition of a singular geometric shape. The empty space, where the eye first to omit and then to linger on is the true space for meditation. The pure, minimal design touches the spiritual aspect of Zen Buddhism, which coincides with that of Agnes Martin’s...

Ms. Siqiao Lu

Art is about moving people and that most definitely

shouldn’t be a privilege for the few.

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