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Hotel Theory

by Luka Tripkovic

Hotels are part of consumerism culture. Nevertheless, they are one of the first examples of this phenomena. Just like hypermarkets and shopping malls, they became non-places, as it was defined by french anthropologist Marc Augé. He coined the phrase "non-place" to refer to places of transience that do not hold enough significance to be regarded as "places". Non-places are always polished, compact, unchangeable, untouched. They are always "brand new", as if time stands still. This particular phen...

Luka Tripkovic

Luka Tripkovic

Born on 9th May, 1989. in Valjevo, Serbia.

Obtained Bachelor's degree in painting at the Faculty of fine arts,
University of arts, Belgrade. Graduated with Master's degree at same university,
in the studio of professor Mileta Prodanović, in 2014. Currently, Luka is a Ph.D
student at the same University.

Selected exhibitions:

2011. Exhibition "One hundred years alive", Gallery of "Club of students of technical engineering", Belgrade

2011. Group exhibition of student's drawings, FLU gallery

2011. Founded NGO "Umetnički kombinat" (" Artistic Combine"), with idea of promoting ideas and concepts of contemporary art in Valjevo

2011. Organized workshop called "1% or hermeneutics", as part of Umetnicki kombinat's annual activities, Valjevo

2012. Participated in "Mixer" festival, with group work "Find the Artist" (with colleague

students and professor of sculpture Radoš Antonijević), Belgrade

2012. Group exhibition of drawings and small plastics, "Silos" gallery, Valjevo

2012. Group exhibition in Valjevo Cultural centre " Dva gosta dosta" (Two guests are enough)

2012. Sholar of the Fondation for Young talents of Republic of Serbia - 400 best students of Master studies

2012. Organized projection of Mila Turajlic's film "Cinema komunisto" , as part of Umetnicki kombinat's annual activities, Valjevo

2013. Exhibition at Campus gallery of Georgian College, School of Design and Visual Arts, Canada

2013. Exhibition "7x3", part of course "Kustosiranje - about and around curating", Art space U10, Belgrade

2013. Chosen as a finalist of "Niš art foundation"

2013. Exhibitions of artists chosen by "Niš art foundation" in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš.

2013. Mixer festival, “Curating: Thrill in movement”

2013. "Mostar city lab" - art in public space workshop organised by Bauhaus university, Weimar.

2013. Exhibition "Body flavour", Cultural centre "Studenstski grad", Belgrade

2013. Exhibition "What can i not know about you", Sarajevo, curated by Amila Puzić and Anja Bogojević, supported by Bauhaus university, Weimar.

2014. Scholar of the Fondation for Young talents of Republic of Serbia - 400 best students of Master studies

2014. Participant of program "New collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade" , organised by art organisation "Third Belgrade", Belgrade

2014. Participant of Nelt and 12 HUB Gallery educative program, Belgrade


2014. "Ljubica Sokić", award of Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade

2014. "Stevan Knežević" award for drawing, award of Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade

Speaks English and French language.

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