That gaze (l'une 12)

by Catalin ILINCA

Here, I wanted to approach her features without adding details. I wanted to capture her like an undefined, vague impression, like when you are haunted by the appearance of a girl that you saw on the street, and her likeness follows you.

It is a double meaning word. I found it appropriate for this series; in French it means "the one" (she), and "Lune" - moon.

It's a moody portraits series, where I want to express the fragility and beauty of the woman features, by trying to capture a moment, an ...

Ships from Spain.

Catalin ILINCA

Catalin ILINCA

I am a full-time artist, currently based in Cuenca, Spain.

I use different techniques such as drawing, painting, photography, illustration. My work contain references to Spanish culture, films, music, art history, merged with my own experiences and ideas, drawing inspiration for my figurative work, from life, my own photos, or fashion editorials, movie scenes, or the work of earlier artists like Pablo Picasso, De Kooning, El Greco and others. I have been painting and exhibiting in Romania, Netherlands, Spain and UK. I don't strive for perfection. I strive for expression and emotion.

Works in private collections all over the world.

Illustration works in the National Stamps Museum, Bucharest.

Contributor to "Color Management for Packaging: A Comprehensive Guide for Graphic Designers" book, by John Drew, Sarah Meyer

Included in several thematic Saatchi collections

Key Creative at OpenAD, 2006

The National Prize for Graphic Arts at TIAV 2001 (The Intl. Visual Arts Fair, Bucharest)

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