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Title: 'It's a love story' - My bird has got

by Sielart

( Printed and hand painted 30 % to make it unik.)

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Christophe Siel was born 1988 in Frederikshavn, Denmark.He spent his early childhood in Stockholm, capitol of Sweden, before the family moved back to Frederikshavn, where he grew upin a small town setting, close to the sea, beaches and forests.When his mother wouldn’t let him spend more of the family savings on dinosaurs, action heroes and ninja turtles, he started painting and drawing them instead and showed an immense talent.Christophe has worked with various styles of illustrating and a wide range of motives.He is best known for his series of multicoloured animals and animals and human bodies combined.To pursue inspiration and a deeper focus on his work, Christophe moved to Spain in 2011, London in 2015, Italy 2016 and Spain in 2017. Currently Århus.https://vimeo.com/139454313

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