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Aflterglow I

by Maxime CP

Dark black and grey tones, along with aqua/blue and purple.
Oil painting on canvas, with satin varnish.

Unique quote written on the back: "Oh, it was just a glimpse of you..."

"Oh it was just a glimpse of you..." -Afterlife, Arcade Fire

First of a duo, this painting comes from regrets. It comes from missed chances, and more precisely missed people. People you barely had a glimpse of, and wished it would've been more.

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Maxime CP

Maxime CP

I am a self-taught artist, and I am currently studying psychology at Mcgill University, which strongly influences my work.
I like to explore various styles and medium, although I am currently focusing on oil paint. My paintings come from introspection and emotions, depicting internal states in a subjective way.The guiding idea behind my work is that one's world view directly influences and shapes their world. What we think and what we feel changes people and things around us, and they only exist in light of our perceptions. We project and reflect light.

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