Original oil painting, oil painting on canvas


Unique art|39.4 x 47.2 in

On this canvas, me and two my friends artists, tried to improvise and create some kind of overall image. As a result, we did not succeed. After a while, quite spontaneously, I used the same canvas once again and made this painting.

Original oil painting, oil painting on canvas, direct from the artist. Name of the work: Brotherhood Dimensions: 120x100 cm or 47,24x39,37 inches Technique: oil on canvas Year of creation: 2012 Artist: ILIA TORBIN unframed, will be delivered wrapped in a roll with tube. Every work has unique signature of the author. All the pictures are pure improvisation based on the images of subconscious. There is a theory that subconscious is connected with the human soul and some people says that subconscious is a soul. That's why for me the images which are going from subconscious are more real than reality itself. My process of creation: In fact, all my paintings is a pure improvisation. But initially I always have a common image of a picture in my head. These images are born spontaneously and at different times. The origin of these images is unknown to me. I just have a feeling that these images have some meaning. The overall composition of these images usually does not change on the canvas. The images that appear in my mind, I try to remember and write down in a notebook. After that, I'm trying to reproduce the image on the canvas, by means of improvisation. The improvisation in art is very important for me. Since improvisation itself and the image I once saw in fact occur unconsciously, it can be argued that this kind of painting the most realistic in the truest sense of the word. Because the subconscious mind is directly connected with the soul of man. All this painting is very difficult to make, because you can't copy it again. Each work is born in pain and looking for the right image. Therefore, I can not work like a factory and create multiple canvases in a short time, and each of my work is unique and I am not able to repeat it. This is what distinguishes my painting from the others and what I'll cherish. Also, I never use any nature, photos or any other object for help or copy. All the images and elements are born in the imagination while improvising.


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Visit my website to look more information about me and my artwork: https://iliatorbin.wixsite.com/artist

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