Artgazer explosion art

by Artgazer

I do photographic manipulation and what I call Explosion art!

I spent a lot of time exploring art in Lima Peru Barranco district where a lot of people call the art capital of the world! it inspired me to start doing the style of art I do and I was also lucky enough to meet my soon to be wife! I am now back in Scotland where I have done most of my work but will be going back to Peru very soon to work on more art and get married!

Ships from United Kingdom.



I am alan mitchell Artgazer. I have been making art all my life. I used to be an Art Therapists Assistant in a mental Health Hospital I was a nurse and I spent time with some of the best artists in Scotland. I spent 5 months in Peru Lima Barranco District this year and spent time with a lot of great artists and practiced a lot of great techniques. I took on the amazing atmosphere in Barranco which is considered to be an artists paradise and it is. I also met my soon to be wife there and will be returning to Peru to get married and work on more of my art! I am the Artgazer!

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