The never ending cycle

by Dessie Sutej

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Dessie Sutej

Dessie Sutej

Hello, my name is Dessie Sutej, born January 31 1997 in Malmö Sweden. I'm a swedish artist and a fashionista who loves to paint since it helps me express my pain, anger and all sorts of other emotions. I've always loved art as I picked up my first paintbrush by the age of two and started doodling every here and there, as it brung joy to my soul. I would always get A+ in arts, but it was never really until I hit the age of 13 that I really got into arts. What got me to start painting was the sadness the pain and depression that hit me during that age. I got bullied in school and everything sorta went downhill for me there. Painting helped me express the pain and emotion which I couldn't express in words. It helped me deal with the torment, since I had no friends or family I could talk to, Im speaking through my paintings until this very day.

Art is about moving people and that most definitely

shouldn’t be a privilege for the few.