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by Hannes-art-room

Malet med spartel og pensel i flere lag.jeg elsker bjerge og vand



My name is Hanne Madsen I arm a christian, and i want to see the life and joy i have in my life expressed in and through my paintings .In 2003 i was through a heart valve surgery which of course changed a lot of things in my life. After my covery i started paintingExpressing in colors what is in my heart, gives me incredible joyI paint with acryllics using paint brushes or spatula. My paintings have been exhibited in a variety of different places, and i had cards made of several of the paintings. Now i arm going on some artchool in Sønderborg in Denmark.I wrily love to paint. you are so welcome to contact me on phone or email. also if you want to bay some paintings. Hanne.

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