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Tribute to Louis Armstrong

by bitten

Tribute to Louis Armstrong, is one in a Tribute series of portraits I'm making. 4 so far. Portraits of people I find interesting and whom I believe to have some kind of iconic status in their field, and all from an epoch with crucial cultural changes. I'm keeping it in grayscales , because I belive it is best way to represent time that has past by.I always loved the music of Louis Armstrong and I think he is Iconic in the field of Jazz. A lot of his songs are evergreens and in the song "What a...

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Hello. My name is Bitten Kari. I'm a Teacher and self taught artist living in Denmark. I like to draw portraits with pen and paper. I find portraits very interesting and challenging, since the human eye is very skilled when it comes to recognizing and observing human features. Though I also draw other things. Another thing I enjoy is working with acrylic paintings and I like to use different styles and techniques depending on what I am making. I have lots of fun making silk screen printing, based on my drawings or photographies. As source of inspiration I'd say life in general, music, people, nature and so on. Sometimes I feel I have something important on my mind and sometimes I'm just flowing along to see where the process is bringing me. Music has always played a major part in my life so naturally it is a big source of inspiration. As I have lived almost my entire life in a small town, close to nature ( and I teach biology ) nature has become a source of inspiration too.

Art is about moving people and that most definitely

shouldn’t be a privilege for the few.