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Pemberton, The Highline

by Cheryl Hooson

Layers of acrylic gloss glaze give depth and glow to this rendering of part of The Highline Road in Autumn. About 12 kms down this challenging gravel road is an old train stop of ancient McGillivray Falls Resort and a sad reminder of a WW II relocation centre for Japanese-Canadians.About an hours' drive from Pemberton British Columbia is the turnoff for The Highline Road - a rough and dangerous 4 x 4 gravel road leading to Seton-Portage, the town of Gold Bridge via McGillivray Pass, and even...

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Cheryl Hooson

Cheryl Hooson

Since 1993, Hooson has been on art council boards and participated in numerous juried and community art shows.Key Theme is Art and NatureInfluenced by Monet, J.E.H. MacDonald (Group of 7), and Folk Art Painter Maud Lewis, SKTechniques are Expressionism, Post-Impressionism, and Abstraction.Showing history: Took part in many shows in Western Canada, her work hangs in homes and offices across Canada and the UKCurrent Projects: A series of Pemberton landscapes in various styles from impressionism to abstraction

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