Virtually 4

by Villauma

Unique art|30 x 40 cm
Delivery $110.51
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Vaerloese, Denmark

Since 2008, I have concentrated on watercolor and acrylic paints, and have received teaching of renowned artists and art schools. Inspiration for my paintings come from my many experiences which I, in front of the canvas, interpret using my selected color scale. It is here, that the foundation of the picture is defined and further developed. The painting is first complete when my desired expression of drama along with accurate color interactions and level of depth are achieved. I exhibit at art fairs, galleries, art associations, cultural centers etc. and International with the French artist group Salon Libres Europe & Universels: -Galerie de l'eglise Madeleine, Paris -Art Nordic 2016 (cph) -L'Espace Pierre Cardin de Paris -La Galerie du Vert Galant, Paris – Île de la Cité Paris -Berlin, Palast Galerie

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