by Lars Høygaard Nielsen

Ships from Denmark.

Lars  Høygaard Nielsen

Lars Høygaard Nielsen

I 80-erne begyndte Lars Høygaard Nielsen at udvikle sine bevægelige skulptur projekter. De var konstrueret af blandede materialer fra bl.a. containere og skrotpladser, bevægelige med elmotorer, interaktive eller aktiveret af elektroniske ure. Kasseret materiel fik andre funktioner: køleskabe kørte som stempler op/ned i 12m høje skinne systemer til festugen i Århus 1990. Gamle landbrugsmaskiner blev til, ofte interaktive maskinskulpturer.
Fra 1996 blev projekterne større, computer styrede, og samtidig mere komplekse i udformning og stemning. De er nu med synkron lyd/lys programmering og med energi og humor, groteske undertoner programmeret med fragmenter fra alle sider af det sociale spekter: lyde, samtaler, snak og musik, tilsat en god portion ”free form” fantasi, efterlades beskueren ofte i dyb undren, men samtidig godt underholdt.

In the eighties Lars Høygaard Nielsen started making mechanical sculptures, mostly from items found on scrap yards, containers etc, movements by using electro motors, operated by sensors and timer clocks. Almost all constructions were made from scrap items, transmitted to new life, quite another function. From 1996 the projects became bigger, computer operated and with an expression of more complexity. Movements of the objects are programmed with a light and sound syncronity, which offers a lot of new possibilities. A kind of grotesque energetic humour, dealing with fragments from society, bits and pieces, and ”organised” by means of an unruly mind, leaves the audience wondering, - and well intertained.


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