"New found earth"

by Irene Chaleli

Unique art|40 x 40 cm

This theme is like an aerial landscape. Earth tone browns, meet the patterns of rivers and water element, from dark blue, azure to semitransparent aqua. Snowy white gives the perfect lightness that gives life to all the details. Made through an exciting and creative process, using the viscosity of materials, the result is a new found earth!

Acrylic, Ink and Resin on Canvas


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Irene Chaleli

Irene Chaleli

Artist-Designer at Viscosity Art & Resin Gallery in Athens, Greece. Irene is a professional artist creating contemporary art with a variety of materials. She has been awarded for painting since childhood and many of her works are in private collections globally. Her passion and curiosity for artistic ways of expression led her to abstract paintings, contemporary ceramics, art furniture and interior design objects. Her work is exhibited constantly in Viscosity Art & Resin Gallery in Greece and occasionally in other art forums.

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