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by Samantha Kaplan

Impact. My word for the year. There are so many forces in our world that make a physical impact, where we physically feel the energy from large depths of water crashing down into the surface of the Earth, whether it is through a series of waterfalls or a wave. But we also have the ability to create such an impact on this world, through our thoughts, our words, our actions, our energies, and our beliefs. I believe that each of us can make such a beautiful impact on this planet. I genuinely believ...

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Samantha Kaplan

Samantha Kaplan

Samantha paints abstract landscape paintings of the energy in nature as a way to celebrate the life and forces that exist on our planet. Her ultimate mission is for her work to radiate light and a divine energy in people’s homes by capturing the beauty that exists in nature throughout the planet. She hopes her paintings will help people appreciate the small, beautiful details in life, whether it’s a wave crashing in the ocean, or taking a moment to notice the smell of flowers blooming on a spring day. Her work is inspired by places she has experienced throughout her life, as she has traveled around the world. Taking inspiration from big names such as Claude Monet, Joan Mitchell, Sargent, and Edgar Degas, Samantha’s work uses jewel-tones in contrast with subtle natural colors to generate a feeling of serenity, allowing people appreciate the beauty our planet has created, and through that inspire people to make a beautiful change in this world.

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