Dr. Pepper

by Richard Thibaud

Unique art|31.5 x 31.5 in

An artwork by Richard Thibaud moves from blank to hyperrealism, traversing abstract, semi-figurative, and realistic stages. Richard Thibaud applies distinct lined strokes in patterns to from images, relying on the ability of human eye and mind to transform these strokes to fuller range of colors and tones. Interacting optically, the further the viewer moves away from the artwork, the more realistic the image appears, touching the limits of the hyperrealism. However, at a very close distance from the canvas, the strokes and lines will be very distinct.

The technique of Richard Thibaud, well compared to divisionism, can be classified as contemporary neo-impressionism. However, both the extremely realistic figures and the contemporary subjects treated by Richard Thibaud add an important unique style and confirm the signature of the artist, as one of the most talented French figurative contemporary painters.


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