Pulse of the Nation

by Aartzy - Let's Talk Expressions

30" x 40", Acrylic, Portrait Orientation, Painting on Canvas, Stretched and Ready to Hang, Free Delivery, Delivered in a custom made wooden crate, No Hassle, 30121-CU-WRDance is the timeless interpretation of life. Portrayed in this beautiful creation is a traditional Kandyan dancer dressed in his spectacular costume. Kandyan or upcountry dance is regarded as the classical dance tradition of Sri Lanka. This particular dance technique focuses on dynamism, powerful footwork, leaps and whirls. ...

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Aartzy - Let's Talk Expressions

Aartzy - Let's Talk Expressions

Aartzy - a curated platform that showcases the talent of local creators. At present Aartzy is on the fruitful journey aimed at uplifting the versatile cultural identity of Sri Lanka through various mediums of art forms.Aartzy has come a long way to become a lucrative platform, which is home to numerous local creators showcasing a range of creative talents from paintings, photographs, sculpture, drawings, lifestyle creations etc. Its integrity of safeguarding artists is further upheld as Aartzy comes at no costs to the contributing artists, taking on all the behind the scene work from the product write-ups, shipping, marketing and promotions, framing etc. And what makes them believe that Aartzy will be a success? Looking back at the milestones achieved from the time of the inception that has led team Aartzy to establish an era of - “Let’s talk expressions”.

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