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by Roberto Patriarca

ottobre 2019tecnica mista su carta.ASTRATTO SI, MA ISPIRATO AD UN TRAMONTO DI POCO TEMPO FA.

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Roberto Patriarca

Roberto Patriarca

i am 66 old, born in Rome on 7.4.1954, i live in Rome too. Since from childhood always i've loved drawing and painting. In all these years I've continued to paint, in intervals , until today . Graduate in philosophy, i am a self-thaught painter. I didnt have had my studio.Looking for my personal style, almost alwaysi base my painting on the use and taste of colors. I paint directly on canvas, without sketches or preparatory drawings.I go into my emotions,the magic mistery of nature and love, my subconsious, with my fantasy and creativity. I love music, sea, freedom, imagination, meditation.I try to express my solar but restless soul and my life, very nice and lived but very suffered, too.,Now my painting goes into characters of more intense research and experimentation of new mixed tecniques.Only exhibition on february 2004 with success.Many many artistic influences during my life, recently i love abstract and in particulary abstract expressionism and G.Richter.

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