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N. 5 by Fabrizio Stenti

by Malamegi Lab

Waste materials, papers and pencilsThe n. 5, is a re interpretation from of a real Buenos Aires door photographed in 2014. It represents the difficult communication in a fleeting and difficult love story between a young and tall Italian / Argentine girl, still immersed in her severity and difficulty due to the inexperienceof the years, and a “bigger man” (me) in the sense of life experiences, therefore more available and open mind to the doubts and uncertainties that existence preserves.Tech...

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Malamegi Lab

Malamegi Lab

Malamegi Lab is the creative laboratory of Malamegi company. Through Malamegi Lab it actively supports art and artists.“MALAMEGI LAB 15 ART CONTEST” aims to be a selection of high-quality artworks with a contemporary visual impact. The competition’s aim is to promote the enrolled artist, giving them chance to join the international market of contemporary art.

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