S… like Solveig or a New Grate v.7.13

by Mj Tom LosOtros

Type: Original Art, Fine Art Medium: PaintingDimensions: 176 x 100 cm Technique: Mixed Media | Over Painted Collage [Verso].Supporting Material: Paper aka Carboard.Materials: Acrylic Paint | Chinese Ink | Spray Paint | Marker | Tape | Paper.Recto: As seen in the photo aka Work in Progress.Verso: White aka To Be Contin…Ready to Hang: YesSinged: Yes in the BorderCategory: Contemporary Art, Figurative, RealismKey Words: Figurative, Portrait, Portraiture, RealismTitle: Grate \ verb \ˈgr...

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Mj Tom LosOtros

Mj Tom LosOtros

European Visual Artist Mj Tom chooses not to share any personal information. Since 2003 he established the Visual Poetry | Urban Art Group LosOtros with his alter ego Andrea Nada. He lives between Berlin, Barcelona and Paris.His work has been exhibited at London, Paris, Hamburg, Berlin, Barcelona.His current body of work includes mixed media, collage, sculture, installation, and digital printing. Irreverent and fleeting, able to define himself as a copy machine of art, sarcastic and deliberately anonymous, he questions almost every probable fact. The veneer of normality, the history as written, the common way of understanding nature and oneself as a part of it.

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