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Things we hold

by Gabriela Fussa

I started to wonder what would happen if we picked up pencils instead of phones? Or if we listened to music instead of watching TV? Maybe the first step to freedom is the little choices we make to stimulate our minds.This is why I let ideas and emotions flow through my mind and me as a whole before I lay a single stroke on the canvas. I let ideas start and develop on their own in my mind.Creative flow to me is a state of inspiration where I completely abandon the sense of time.I oftentimes no...

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Gabriela Fussa

Gabriela Fussa

A Chisinau, Moldova based artist by the name of Gabriela Fussa has been honing her skills in painting for the past several years. Originally an interior designer, Gabriela has blended her passion for art with her four years of experience in studying design and thus bringing about a perfect marriage of these two passions.Gabriela’s venture into mixed media painting allowed her to include yet another element of this union and this extended the range of her skills even further. Her use of colors and mediums in paintings have allowed her to challenge the boundaries of people’s perception of art. In her opinion the best starting point when it comes to the appreciation of modern art is that it is not to decide whether it is good or not, but to understand how it evolved from the classical style of Da Vinci to the pickled sharks and unmade beds of today.

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