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Aqarelle I

by sylwia Zdzichowska

Painting: Watercolor on Paper.

Inspired by photographs taken during my stay at Rehabilitation Center set in the peripheries of the country. Its remote location allowed me to interact with nature – I spent hours birdwatching, Taking dozens of pictures. Having come back I wanted to transfer these fleeting moments onto paper. I chose watercolor because of its smoothness and subtleness allowing me to picture the movement.

sylwia Zdzichowska

sylwia Zdzichowska

Zdzichowska was born in 1990 in Augustow in Poland. In 2006, she started education in the W. Kossak High School of Art in Lomza. In 2010, she passed the matura exam. She received a diploma and the title of Visual Artist, specializing in graphic arts.
In 2010 she passed the entrance exam at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk on the faculty of painting. In 2014, she realized MOST program at the W. Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, at the faculty of painting and graphic art.
In 2015 she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. Diploma paintings painted in the studio of Teresa Miszkin. Completed two annexes to the diploma: 5 works of graphic art and two stained glass windows. The theoretical part of the diploma was entitled "Selected issues of the contemporary stained glass in a historical context." She got a diploma and the title of Master of Arts. Currently she engaged in painting and printmaking.

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