The unique path

by Fabienne Monestier

Unique art|27.6 x 27.6 in

I was inspired by the mystery of forests, maybe the jungle, strongth of nature.

Mixed media on canvas. I've used acrylic Golden, acrylic inks Liquitex, shellac inks Sennelier, and watersoluble chalks Neocolor II There's a lot of glazes, transparencies in the shadows. Glazes gives deep shadows... Differents sorts of colors green and blue-green, very deep.... with little ocher graphisms. Very few opacities...


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Fabienne Monestier

Fabienne Monestier

I am a french professionnal painter. All my artworks are original pieces, direct from my studio in Touraine. I am interested with creating IMAGES : landscapes, forests, flowers, human figure, still life, male and female nudes, abstraction. My artworks are rather figuratives. Main time, I am in an interpretation process. But I also work from photographies, in a photorealistic way. Imagination, dream, fantasy or memory, never mind : I am looking for the poesy. And also, sometimes, I let explode some seriousness, some mystery. That's life. I use a lot of technics on canvas and paper : oil, watercolor, ink, watersoluble pencils, acrylic, acrylic markers, colored pencils, mixed media, spray parkers, oil markers... I like graphism in the painting. And glazes too ! I often use transparent colors. I am very interested by the richness of transparency in the painting. The old glazes oil technic is now available due to beautiful high quality acrylics. Art is an endless exploration !

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