Cool goggles

by Toyo

Limited 1 pcs| 3 in stock|60 x 81 cm

Inspired by the works of Andy Warhol silkscreen with lots of color, using the sketching instead

Vibrant Colors, random strokes shaping a cool portrait. Fine art print on bright white, fine poly-cotton blend, matte canvas


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Mayro Toyo (b.1982, Venezuela). He started his Visual Arts career early at 6 years old. While the other kids were playing games, He was drawing everyday. At 8 years old his interest in Visual Arts was so big that his parents sent me to the Pedro Oporto Art School(Cabimas, Venezuela). he started a course in painting, drawing and sculpting, then decided that he wanted to become an artist. Furthermore, he spent his class time doodling in notebooks and experimenting with conceptual drawings. he continued with the regular school but he disliked the other subjects, so continued self-teaching painting with oils and acrylics over several years. In this life journeyhe did learn a lot of things, ones in a pleasurable way, others through really hard work and sacrifices. In 2011, he traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to continue and expand his searching in Visual Arts. In 2014, he also traveled to São Paulo, Brazil to meet the artist Joarez Filho who helped him to focus himself on Visual Art

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