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Landscape no.1

by Pracha Yindee

The original painting,medium acrylic on paper.The name of painting is roadside tree,style impressionism on paper.My artwork that clearly show the frame and multi-paneled,when you make order.

I created series of paintings with Nature as core inspiration, using free, liberated form as might suit the themes. Details from deep emotions were fully depicted by sizes of brushes. The series accomplished in this period of time consisted of life.

Ships from Thailand.

Pracha  Yindee

Pracha Yindee

About Pracha Yindee
Born in 1955 in Thailand. I was a graduated form Pohchang Academy Institute of Bangkok and Degree of Bachelor of Education,Thailand. I am a prominent figure of the Thai contemporary art community. Art teacher by dedication and reflective artist by belief, I am one of Thailand's most recognized meditative painters. First I meditate to find harmony and inner peace, to reflect on my feeling and the impermanence of all thing. And then, I stand up and infuse my papers with fluid brushstrokes of a rare intensity. I have a unique ability to create continuous and deep movements of colors, always changing, evolving into new. A great master with a profound philosophical message, My contemporary creations have been critically acclaimed for more than 20 years. My work is represented in many private international collections. Back from creative retirement, a period of his life I dedicated to teaching art, I have taken part in numerous recent exhibitions: My paintings are a refle

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