Around the bend

by hulemalerier

Unique art|31.5 x 23.6 in

It was starting to get a little late when we were driving and we realized that it was impossible to reach Moron, before it got completely dark. The clouds were massing up, so the stars and moon were not going to be there to help guide us.
We still had a long way and had no interest in stopping on the way and sleeping in the car.
We had hit a stone that was hidden in some grass and it had done some damage to the exhaust. We couldnt see if the damage was serious or it was just a hole, but we needed to continue and hope for the best. On top of it, we were running low on petrol. The last few places we had passed a gas-station, they had run out of the higher octane that our car needed. Only the low octane was left.
As we continued to drive, it just got darker and darker and it was getting hard to see the path in front of us. Sometimes we would pass a river of stones, where it was hard to see where the path continued after or the path would split and we had to deside which was the most traveled.
Once we even got on the wrong path, but as we saw some light from other cars in the distance, we could see we needed to go back and find the path they were driving.

After midnight, we were still driving and getting tired. Everything seemed black around us and all we could do, was to keep driving and follow the path we could only see some meters of in front of us.
Then, finally we passed a mountain and we saw lights in the far distance. We were reliefed to see lights even though we knew it wasnt Moron. It was getting very late when we finally reached the small city, but we found the only hotel in the town and luckily it had one room left, were we could stay and sleep. It was not the most luxurious hotel I've ever slept in, but at that moment it was a 5 star hotel for us.


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My name is Jacob Brandt-Møller.

I've always been drawing and painting, but around 2004 I desided to do something about it and enrolled in my first course in an art school. Since then, I've been to numerous summer-courses in different art schools and there I tried to experiment with different expressions.

When you browse through my gallery on this website, you can follow my progress through the years. My more expressionistic period, a surrealist period and lately my more naturalistic period, where I've desided to paint mainly Mongolian inspired landscape and culture paintings.

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