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Splitting Purple

by Adam Zafrian

Description: Ready-to-hang with wire/saw-tooth hangman attached. All of Adam Zafrian's paintings showcased on this Artboost Gallery are original pieces that are painted on high quality stretched canvas. They are primarily created using professional grade acrylics(and occasionally uncommon and intriguing mediums) with a multitude of different applicants.Using different variations of a "drip" style that was originally conceptualized by Jackson Pollock and further developed by the Zombie Formalis...

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Adam Zafrian

Adam Zafrian

Adam Zafrian is a fine art student currently based out of his birthplace, New York City. His work features contemporary techniques reminiscent of previous well known abstract expressionist painters with new uncommon approaches to painting. From brighter vibrant triptychs to more bold color palettes, his abstract works featured here are also known for their highly textured and organic composition. There are also other expressionist paintings of various styles including portraits, landscapes, and geometric stylized mixed media artworks.He currently manages the Thirty Collaborate's art schedule and social media accounts and is accepting collaboration requests/commissions.

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