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The Bride Stripped Bare, by her Bachelors Eve

by Daniel Ocean

Nude on the back of a yellow 1929 ChryslerAfter working with the model at Yaddo, she drove south to continue shooting near my home. She had decided to cut off most of her hair, so I put her in a veil. My partner was there for the shoot, as was her snotty son, who immediately decided the model was beddable despite all indications to the contrary. Spoiled rich snots think they can get anything they want and that nobody ever says "NO!" Just like DJT!

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Daniel Ocean

Daniel Ocean

Daniel Ocean, Light Artist : To be fair, I got tired of having a name few could pronounce correctly in the US. So I changed it. My 'nom de plume.' is now and I guess will be forever, Daniel Ocean. Changing one's name after so many years has given the gallery a new life, as not only can Danny Ocean be pronounced by folks in this market but the character is already famous. Danny or Daniel Ocean is the new standard bearer of the brand and will carry on making stills that move, and brightening up lives with fine art made with humor and honor.

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