by Vorden Art

Discription of the artwork in the form of poetry written by Ewelina Maria Bugajska-Javorka. This is the original poetry that appears on the back side of the artwork. The inspiration for the creation of artwork and poetry is the indifference of people.Releasing...I was still deluding myself,that everything will change,that yet in this life,someone will appreciate me,that the light will bring me,to the path of happiness,and will release the truth from inner depths,but human hearts have f...

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Vorden Art

Vorden Art

I was born in a small town in Slovakia. I was a student of Academy of Art in Martin. My art-pieces have been showen in several exhibition around Slovakia, USA (Christy Gallery in Boston and Kristina Gallery in Cape Code), Denmark, Italy an Portugal as well as meny online gallery.For more information you welcome visit my

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