Fortune Teller

by Gerard Provost

Original acrylic painting on canvas of fortune teller monkey.As a dad, some of the advice you give your kids, you wish you could be a fortune teller. Thats where this idea this came from, trying to give advice and good direction, but at the same time let them learn and make their own mistakes. It's all monkey business.

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Gerard Provost

Gerard Provost

I began drawing as a child with pencil and charcoal sketches. I was always told that i would never become anything if i continued with art. I joined the military and studied culinary arts. I became an executive chef,where I met my wife.After missing many years of my daughter growing up, I left the culinary world to be a stay at home dad when my son was born. I got back into sketching and drawing. My wife asked me to paint a mural in a spare room we had. She came home and was impressed with my great wall of china and bamboo forest, that she went out and bought canvas. Painting for about 5 years

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