Summer Concerto

by Cornelia Petrea

Inspired by Vivaldi's Four Seasons, I have created a pure sense of summer colors for Summer Concerto.Nature is perfect; look at it carefully and you will see a wonderful world. I do not want to try to create something more beautiful, I just want to create bridges that can take one on an emotional journey where everything feels better thanks to the power of this perfection. It’s like going back into childhood and feeling the bliss of the never-ending summer.

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Cornelia Petrea

Cornelia Petrea

I consider myself a self-taught artist influenced by abstract designs and works with deep feelings, emotion, and energy. My creativity and love for colors happend to be a good way to help myself through tough times. Creativity in all different ways connects us to who we really are. It is an expression of our inner being and our inner thoughts, feelings and ideas. I create art which embodies a road map, back to a place where you can see and recognize the person that you want and strive to be. Art that inspires us to remember WHO WE ARE. Art that permits your mind to attach a set of principles that will always reappear in your mind which sets you off into a journey through the Self which will lead you directly to the person you strive to be.

Art is about moving people and that most definitely

shouldn’t be a privilege for the few.