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Dust devil, edition of 7

by Nikolina Petolas

'Dust Devil' (small size). 65x47cm, from edition of 7 plus 2AP."My motives are sometimes dark and gloomy and often present dreamlike ambients and strange beings.I am inspired by my surroundings and I see potential in various everyday things and relations, people, nature, architecture, even food. I see them sometimes as fragments of my work. Most of times they stay just that, fragments, and sometimes they become unified into a whole and therefore start to exist as a part of my sceneries.

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Ships from Croatia.

Nikolina Petolas

Nikolina Petolas

Nikolina is a visual artist from Zagreb, Croatia. She works in various techniques, such as photo collage, oils and acrylics. In her metaphorical presentations, from multiple personalities, dreamlike landscapes to strange and dark characters, creatures and environments, she uses the observation of inner conflicts and questions that arise from them, as a dreamy and vivid example to show complex human emotions and drives as well as her subjective personal experience of the world.Nikolina's work has gained awards and recognitions and has been shown in numerous international exhibitions and several art projects.Her work is included in the largest exhibition of surrealist art in the world "International Surrealism Now" and is also represented in the prestige "Lexikon der Phantastischen Künstler" by Gerhard Habarta.

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