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Digital portrait of the artist in the modern

by Yvana bARuT

This is a digital portrait of myself, my face. It represent a virtual reality and the world we are living in also the thought and forget-me-nots.

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Yvana bARuT

Yvana bARuT

Born in Macedonia 1990 – painter, visual artist, video maker-performer and photographer, I am interested in “work in progress", as a parallel to Ezra Pound’s note that each artist is always at the beginning, a Troubadour.In my approach to video art I am combining two different artistic sensibilities. In one hand I behave as a colorist, filling the void of our perception with the pure sensibility. On the other hand I explore the visual presentation of concepts. The dialectics of those two approaches results in never ending process of creation, since, the new technologies, which facilitate "versioning", collaboration and "forking"  fit perfectly the concept of Umberto Eco's "open work".Specifically, I believe that art is communication that “happens” more intensively in collaboration, where the “inbetweener” space is established by two or more artists as a declination of "Friendship Studies", much more rigged with conflicts than any kind of participatory art, even if participation supp

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