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by CarinaEhlersArt

This is a signed GicleePrint - 4/30 - and the original is an Oil on canvas. This GicleeFineArt is printed on canvas, and I will send it in a roll, and then you get yourself arrange it to be stretched on stretcherframe. This is a most affordable option. At least if the shipment is abroad.But if it is domestic shipment can I, myself together with the potential buyer agree on another option - because then I myself buckle up the canvas on stretcher, while painting the edges with acrylic paint. Ge...

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I am an artist and certified psychic medium. Earlier in my life I prefered to work a lot with sculptural, and then, as I got more curious about the tremendous opportunities of painting, then I included art painting and sketches more and more into my daily routine. Nowadays, I have completely switched to the magic world of painting, and then I'm constantly curious on new ways to work with my paintings. I have also begun to test some encaustic art pieces. I am a versatile person. Now I'm quite firmly established within the artistic field, which has attracted me since childhood (although for a while it had to lie fallow). Art, in many different shapes, has got a deeper significance for me and this deeper significance involves also, as many people say, the more unknown ground. So to speak, my view of the world around, or externally, need not always be the real and true reality. I believe that there is something more beyond that visible for the eye. To sum up - earlier I was an artistic view finder within spirituality - but today I know a bit more, and therefore I've stopped searching. The answers to my questions are always within myself.

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