Atmospheric Universal Illusions

by Niels Peter Flint

Unique art|0 x 0 in

This is a series made in summer 2014 - out of a certain frustration of seeing how humans are fucking things up... anger mixed with a heavy hedonistic passion... There are several paintings in this series - they are BIG - and some needs to be framed - the prices vary but start at 10.000 D.kr. Please contact for more information.

- illusions - images that each tell their very personal story when you interact - look into them - sense the multiple dimensions and dream - fly into the universe and look down at this little dot and understand how insignificant we are - yet so bloody important....


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Niels Peter Flint

Niels Peter Flint

I live and work in Denmark and France - my work is very characterized by my long and passionate engagement on how to become more SENSUSTAINABLE - I dont make art since life in itself is art as I see it - I express myself in various ways that makes sense to me and to various others who sense that what I do makes sense to them - MERDE MAGIC is one of my collections which you will be able to see more to here - also UNIVERSE-SPLASHES will be here and if you want to know more about what else I do please go to http://npflint.com/NPFLINT_CONSULTANCY/art_%26_installations.html

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