Colorful outbreak!

by Astrid Stöppel

Unique art|31.5 x 39.4 in

This artwork belongs to my series "Colorful acrylics". A series of strong colors on a white or dark background. The same colors in different movements fascinate me again and again. They reflect a part of me: clear, structured, but also always in motion. I really love to paint this series.

I’m inspired by the color itself and adore the purity. Every color gets my attention. For each painting of my series Colorful acrylics! and my Colorful minis! I need a lot of working hours and usually a very steady hand. I paint them all color by color and fill the canvas step by step with dynamic, vitality and structure.

My massage? The time is moving so fast and our mind is strongly influenced by the media and social media. I would like, that people stop their thoughts for a moment, calm down, start to follow the lines, go along with the circles, look at the dots and color fields in my works and feel the vibrancy and attraction of pure colors.

For this series I use only titanium white or black primed canvases in different sizes and pure acrylic color.
The artwork is painted on a high quality canvas. A coat of varnish was applied to protect the painting from uv rays and dust. It is hand signed by me on the front and will arrive ready to hang.

More on my website: http://astridstoeppel.com

acrylic on canvas
series colorful acrylics


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Astrid Stöppel

Astrid Stöppel

astrid stoeppel - contemporary artist born and based in germany with a passion for bright pure colors and geometric shapes. astrid’s works are a part of many private collections in new york, washington, new jersey, texas, miami, los angeles, hollywood, the uk, france, spain, austria and germany.

Homepage: http://astridstoeppel.com

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