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by Arifah

Mixed medium with use of oil pastels and acrylics. I primarily use a knife and apply several layers until I achieve the coloring and texture that starts the foundation of the piece. Then I 'see' what is hidden in the layers and the story that's starting to show. I love hearts and finding them in the pieces. I also like seeing if poetry is part of the piece or not.

"air" inspired the collection "air searches for itself"
we are searching for what's already within, breath, let go, and we can...

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Initially I started painting to escape from life. as I was not able to relate to people and the world in an intimate way. I found that my life made more sense when I was painting. This is how I gained wisdom. Many times, during a discovery phase of the canvas, I noticed a heart, emerging from layers of paint, or right on the surface. It always astounded me, still does. I think we are all looking for assurances, and I am often reminded It Is Always Here.

I now know I am exploring emotional evolution, using colors. The multiple layers represent our interwoven perceptions from past, to present, to desire, to Truth. If you hold the painting up to a light you will see hidden layers of colors come through, and the painting changes. This is what I am doing to myself, holding my experiences up to the Light.

I am finding the art in the matter.

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