BUDDHA- The Enlightened One

by neeruart

Unique art|25 x 28 in

BUDDHA- The Enlightened One .....is a unique art, my original creation. The artwork is inspired by Buddha and his Philosophy " Buddha Extend his Phi;philosophy Beyond the Religion and explained the Purpose of Life highlighting the importance of Morality, Mindfulness and Wisdom"
A 100% handcrafted high textured acrylic painting on canvas.

BUDDHA- The Enlightened One .......is my original creation a 100% handcrafted high textured acrylic painting on canvas. Completed to highest level of professional excellence.
Original painting is available for sale. To b authenticated by certificate of authenticity.
Shipment and delivery- To be shipped in roll form by repute courier. International shipping.
Artist Mrs Neeraj Parswal- India


Free delivery to United States
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Art, Innovation and Creativity are essential for Human Progress.
I am Mrs Neeraj Parswal from India . I am an artist creating original and handcrafted paintings and selling in different countries. I am associated with most prestigious art and paintings galleries around the world.
I am also creating custom made paintings/ commissioning paintings for individuals, International Clients, Galleries and Art Lovers.
All of my Paintings are original, 100% handcrafted and are inspired by emotions.
Welcome to my gallery.
Mrs Neeraj Parswal , C I-20 Ansal Colony, Shastri Nagar, Meerut (U.P). INDIA
Contacts -+91-9412705269, Land line +91-121-2763233

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