I know this...

by Julia Andersen

Unique art|39.4 x 47.2 in

Beautiful, pure, and wonderful,
It’s brings happiness, a bright glow.
When it’s there, all is joyful,
Just like the white snow.

Warmth in the magnificent sight,
It slowly falls down from the sky.
Bringing excitement and delight,
Like love, but falling from up high.

Horrible, awful, and biting,
Harshness of the winter snow.
Heavy falls and obstacles we’re fighting,
The sense of danger that we don’t know.

Cold in the blizzard outside,
It rushes and falls on everything quickly.
Keeping the people inside,
Lowers the feeling of being jubilant and lively.

Oh the winter with its bitter and sweet,
Just like love, its warmth and coldness.
The snow making it all complete,
Just like love, its flaws and its boldness.

Mary Yang

Size: 100x120
Material: Acrylic on canvas


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