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Cafe, bike, rain.

by Sipos Lorand

Cafe, bike, rain.https://www.facebook.com/sipos.lorand/media_set?set=a.924075260961478.1073741837.100000770374877&type=3

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Sipos Lorand

Sipos Lorand

My ars poetics: ,,I see it so, that our age, very much showed what should do, very much said, very material and very noisy. For what I am looking in my environment and my works show what should do, that unsaid one, the quiet one, the mysterious one, the mystic.' I'm graduated in the Academy of Fine Arts Budapest. My art works are represented in private collections in Hungary, USA, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Hungary, France, Croatia, Romania.Thank youLorand Sipos

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