Mr. Bloomberg illustrations

by Anna Gabriella

Limited 30 pcs| 30 in stock|14 x 14 cm

Mr. Bloomberg is a drawing figure I created an autumn day. The concept is simple. All the illustrations are made by me, Anna G. They are availible as postcards in size A 5 and price pr. card is 30 dkr. You can order the cards by writing to me here on facebook and get them send by post. I do shipping international and to The US. I take paypal on for international inquiries please write to

Mr. Bloomberg is a drawing figure I created an autumn day. The concept is simple and show stories we all can relate to in our every day life from comic, tragic poetic moments.

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Anna Gabriella

Anna Gabriella

My greatest gift is to express my self through art.
I love to paint and create and I am inspired fashion and dance movements. I work with pencil, watercolours and ink.

I have worked as a contemprary dancer and therefore I am also inspired to capture the movement of elegance and simplicity in my work. I have painted dancers live from the Danish Dance Theater and sketching live during Copenhagen fashion week.

Art is about moving people and that most definitely

shouldn’t be a privilege for the few.

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